How do I access AFS from the Yens?

AFS is currently mounted on the Yens at /afs, so user astorer has their AFS directory here: /afs/ir/users/a/s/astorer/. For convenience, there is a symbolic link to your AFS space from your home directory, which you can access at ~/afs-home.

Access to AFS requires a Kerberos token - if you believe you should have access to an AFS space but do not, try the following command first:

kdestroy && kinit && aklog

Support for AFS

AFS is not part of the University’s long term roadmap, and access to your space must be renewed on an annual basis. To see the space you administer, please visit the AFS Archive Management Tool.

We recommend moving data out of AFS to our Yen storage or other university storage systems. If you need assistance with your AFS space, please open a University IT Support Ticket.

If your afs-home link is missing in your Yen home folder, you can create the symbolic link manually using the following command:

Create link to your AFS folder

ln -s /afs/ir/users/<SUNetID first letter>/<SUNetID second letter>/<SUNetID> afs-home


ln -s /afs/ir/users/j/o/johndoe13 afs-home