Can I Have More Space on ZFS?

If the space you have been allocated in your ZFS home directory (check your quota) is not sufficient for your needs, there are a couple options that you can request, depending on whether or not you are a GSB faculty member.

Faculty Projects

We have reserved ZFS space specifically for faculty-led research projects. Access to these project spaces are managed with Stanford workgroups and must be administrated by a Stanford Graduate School of Business faculty member. Each folder is tied to a single research project and faculty member. Even if you have an existing Faculty Project directory, if you need additional space for a different project, you should put in a separate request.

Please read this page to learn more about the request process. You can make a new Faculty Project space request here.

Student Projects

We also have reserved ZFS space for student-led research projects. The access for these project spaces are also managed with Stanford workgroups. As opposed to faculty-led research project spaces, student project spaces have less allocated space (hard limit of 200 GB) and are subject to purging if overall ZFS space is running low. If the latter situation happens, we will notify you and provide ample time to store your data elsewhere. Furthermore, on an annual basis at the beginning of Winter Quarter, we will contact all owners of student project spaces to check whether the space needs to be renewed for another year.

Please read this page to learn more about the request process. You can make a new Student Project space request here.

If the above two options are not sufficient for your situation, please contact us at to discuss further.