How Do I Run a Specific Version of a Software?

For some software, the Yens have several versions installed. In most cases, the most recent version of the software will be set as the default when you call the software from the command line. However, if you would like to run a specific version of a software, you can do that too.

To see all available software and versions, you just need to type:

module avail

The “(D)” symbol will indicate which version is the default.

To switch to a specific version of a software, for instance R/3.5.3, you can just type:

module load R/3.5.3

From that point, the command R will be tied to version 3.5.3 rather than the default.

If there is a specific version of a free software that you need (R,rstudio,julia, etc.), please contact the Stanford Research Computing Center ( to install it for everyone. If the request involves paid software, please contact us to discuss further.