How Do I Schedule Jobs on the Yens?

You may be used to using a job scheduler on other Stanford compute resources (e.g. Sherlock, etc.) or servers from other institutions. However, the Yen servers have traditionally run without a scheduler in order to make them more accessible and intuitive to our users. The ability to log onto a machine with considerably more resources than your laptop and immediately start running scripts as if it was still your laptop has been very popular with our users. This is the case on yen1, yen2, yen3, yen4 and yen5.

The downside of this system is that resources can be eaten up rather quickly by users and you may find a particular server to be “full”. To combat this, we have implemented the SLURM scheduler on our yen-slurm servers. For users familiar with scheduler systems, this should be a seamless transition. For those unfamiliar, please have a look here to learn how to get started.