How Do I Install Julia on JupyterHub?

Step 1: Log onto the Yens

Step 2: Load and run Julia

Use the following commands:

module load julia

Step 3: Load IJulia for notebooks

You should now be at an interactive Julia console. Run the following Julia commands:

using Pkg

Step 4: Relaunch JupyterHub

Restart your JupyterHub server, and you should see Julia listed as a notebook kernel.

Optional: Multithreaded Julia kernel

The steps above install Julia kernel that will use a single core on JupyterHub on the Yens.

If you want to run multithreaded Julia kernel, you can install it by running the following in the interactive Julia console. Choose the number of threads for the kernel to be less than 12 as per Yen Community Guidelines.

using IJulia
    env=Dict("JULIA_NUM_THREADS" => "4")

Once you launch JupyterHub and the new multithreaded Julia kernel, check that you are using the correct number of threads:


The output of Threads.nthreads() should be equal to the number of threads you used to create the kernel.