Why aren’t directories showing up in JupyterHub?

There have been issues on ZFS where directories don’t show up in JupyterHub - particularily in /zfs/projects/faculty and /zfs/projects/students. We’re looking for a permanent fix, but for now, we’ve found some options to resolve this issue.

Option 1: Using jupyterlist

We’ve added a helpful command line tool to fix this. If you open up a terminal in JupyterHub, and execute the command jupyterlist, it should show the directories for you.


Option 2: Adding an ipython startup script

You can add .py scripts to run before any iPython kernels start - we can use this functionality to show all directories.

  • First, navigate to ~/.ipython/profile_default/startup/
  • Next, open up your favorite file editor, and create a .py file with the following code:
import os
dirs = ["/zfs/projects/faculty/"+dir for dir in os.listdir("/zfs/projects/faculty/")] + ["/zfs/projects/students/"+dir for dir in os.listdir("/zfs/projects/students/")]
for directory in dirs:
        print("oh no")
  • Save this file - the filename doesn’t matter, so long as it ends in .py.
  • When you start JupyterHub, open a kernel (a notebook or a console), and the directories should appear!

kernel start