Leaving GSB & Stanford

Your SUNet

To start off, please take a look at Stanford’s policies on your SUNet ID account for students and faculty/staff. Within those links, you will find information regarding the grace period for your SUNet account and general directions on how to close any personal websites, transfer AFS data, etc.

Yen Access

You will lose access to the Yen servers once you are no longer listed as an active faculty, staff, PhD student, research fellow, or postdoc. If you need access to the Yens after you leave, you will need to have sponsored access. For questions about specific grace periods at the GSB, you will need to inquire with your department in particular. Note that these grace periods may or may not align with general SUNet grace periods.

Code/Project Work

If we have helped you on a research project in the past and you would like to have a copy of our work/code, please contact us so that we can share that with you.

Off-boarding Data

However, before copying data, you are responsible for reviewing Stanford’s policies for the Retention of and Access to Research Data. Furthermore, if you have signed NDAs or Data Use Agreements for specific datasets, you need to review the terms of those agreements to ensure that copies of the data can be taken outside of Stanford.

Data on the Yens

To provide the best experience for current GSB researchers, the Yen systems have default data lifecycle policies in place for inactive users.

  • Home Directories are retained for 12 months after the user becomes inactive
  • Project Directories are retained for 12 months after the Project Owner becomes inactive

This data can be restored on demand, but depending on the data size, may incur an additional fee.


Some projects use a disproportionately large amount of data - in these instances, our team may expedite the process of purging this data in the interest of maintaining space for active GSB users. In these situations, we will work with data owners to ensure this does not result in unacceptable data loss.

If you need more time to identify a home for your data, please ask us for help sooner rather than later!

Data on other Stanford Systems

For other systems across campus, the data retention and offboarding policies may vary. It is your responsibility to ensure that your data is accounted for prior to leaving. Remember that you may have data on the following Stanford-wide platforms:

  • AFS
  • Box
  • Google Drive
  • E-mail
  • Stanford-owned computers


If you use Athena, Cloud Forest or a custom built cloud solution, it is your responsibility to transition data off of these systems before leaving the school.

The following may be decommissioned and purged without notice after you leave the GSB:

  • Cloud Forest instances and data
  • Custom built applications, services or websites
  • Accounts provisioned specifically for you
  • Unclaimed data on S3 or EBS volumes


We can provide access to collaborators on AWS or other cloud platforms on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more details.