How do I download files from the web to the Yens?

Occasionally, it is necessary to download a file from the web to the Yen Servers. Instead of locally downloading then transferring the file to the Yens, we can download the file directly to the Yens.

First, navigate where you want the file to be downloaded with the cd command. Then use wget to download the file. Usually you have to copy the link to the file/folder on the web that you are trying to download.


We want to install Rmpi R package from source on the Yens. We would navigate to the CRAN website and copy the web link to the package source file. Then, run

$ wget

which will download the package source tarball to your Yen directory. If everything worked, you should see:

--2023-09-15 13:44:12--
Resolving (
Connecting to (||:443... connected.
HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 200 OK
Length: 106286 (104K) [application/x-gzip]
Saving to: ‘Rmpi_0.7-1.tar.gz’

Rmpi_0.7-1.tar.gz            100%[===========================================>] 103.79K   212KB/s    in 0.5s

2023-09-15 13:44:14 (212 KB/s) - ‘Rmpi_0.7-1.tar.gz’ saved [106286/106286]

When you list the files in the current directory you will see Rmpi_0.7-1.tar.gz present.

When you download the files or transfer them, the files could be compressed with zip and will have .zip extension. Transferring compressed files is recommended for faster transfer speeds.

See this page to learn about how to uncompress common compression file types on the Yens.