Why Can’t I Log into the Yens?

Here are some common access issues that Yen users run into:

No Sponsored Yen Access

If you are not a GSB faculty, staff, PhD student, or research fellow, then you will not have default access to the Yens. However, you can receive sponsored access from a GSB faculty member. Have a look here for more information.

Yen Access not Renewed

If you have received sponsored access in the past, you may still run into access issues if the faculty member who sponsored you failed to confirm your access for the next calendar year. As described here, sponsored Yen access is audited once a year and sponsoring faculty members are sent a notice at the end of the year to confirm that they have reviewed their sponsored collaborators. If no confirmation is received, the sponsored collaborators are purged until the faculty member sponsors them again. Please contact your faculty sponsor to sponsor you again.

Yens Down for Maintenance

For security reasons, the Yens are scheduled to be patched and updated roughly every two months. Downtime dates are posted as part of the greeting message whenever you log onto a machine:

📅⏰⚠️  --> Next Downtime: March 26, 2020

Furthermore, we will send out a reminder message to Yen users via e-mail prior to any scheduled downtime. Please be sure to complete any jobs and log out of the Yens prior to any scheduled reboot so that you don’t lose valuable work. Downtimes due to scheduled maintenance will usually take half a day.

Remote Access

If you are attempting to access the Yen servers from outside of Stanford, you may need to first connect to a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Please try downloading and using Stanford’s VPN client before attempting to connect to the Yens again.

Use Full yen.stanford.edu Address

If you run into an error such as this one,

ssh: Could not resolve hostname yen1: nodename nor servname provided, or not known

then you are probably not entering in the full address of the server that you are trying to log into. Instead, please be sure to explicitly type:

ssh <SUNetID>@yen1.stanford.edu

Learn more about connecting to the Yens here.