16. User Documentation

RCpedia is a place to learn how to solve Research Computing tasks at Stanford GSB. Explore Frequently Asked Questions for common questions and solutions as well as Topic Guides for more in-depth illustration of common research computing tasks. We are constantly adding to RCpedia!

If you do not see a page that you wish was on RCpedia and you think it would be beneficial to other users as well, you can write your own (in Markdown) as a Topic Guide to contribute to RCpedia. When writing a topic guide, please develop a full reproducible example with some context around the specific problem.

Alternatively, you can suggest a topic guide page for us to write at gsb_darcresearch@stanford.edu or our #gsb-yen-users Slack channel.

Similarly, if you see an error or typo or something is unclear in the docs, kindly let us know!