17. Archiving Project

Why Should I Archive?

When your project is nearing completion and you have finished running computations on the yens, what is left to do is:

  • clean up files you no longer need
  • compress files with zip or gunzip command
  • bundle all the files together with tar command
  • transfer the tarball off of yens
  • remove your project directory

Archiving data will save disk space on the yens as well as make it easy for you to transfer your full project as one big file.

How Do I Archive?

Compress yen project directory

Once you are done cleaning intermediate files and other junk from your project directory, you can compress the entire directory into one tarball that you can then push to Google Drive (with rclone) or other remote.

If I have my project directory in /zfs/projects/faculty/my-project-dir, I would navigate to the parent directory above the directory I want to archive, then run:

$ cd /zfs/projects/faculty
$ tar -zcvf my-project-name.tar.gz my-project-dir

where -z flag will compress the files inside my-project-dir directory and create a new tar object my-project-name.tar.gz in /zfs/projects/faculty directory.

Transfer to Your Archive

After choosing the long-term storage solution, transfer the tarball into it for the long-term storage and delete the project directory and the tarball off of yens.