1. Introduction to the DARC Team

The Data, Analytics, and Research Computing (DARC) team supports GSB faculty research in three key areas:

  • Data Services:
    • acquire, administer, transform, query terabyte-scale datasets on premise and on the cloud
    • collaborate with the GSB Library on data use agreements and data acquisition
  • Analytics Support:
    • consult on research design and assist with data collection, transformation, and analysis
    • provide expertise on solving technical problems related to research analytics, including machine learning, text processing, and online experiments
  • Research Computing:
    • provide access and support for on-premise research Linux servers such as code optimization and parallel processing
    • provide support for on-demand cloud computing workloads

The team

The GSB’s DARC team is available to help GSB faculty with research computing tasks and provide advice to PhD students looking to undertake research computing tasks themselves. Analytics support is only available to GSB faculty.