Welcome to Introduction to the Yens Course!

This course is self-paced or if taught live, it should take approximately 2 hours to get through all of the content.

The course is divided into a dozen sections that experienced users can jump to directly or if you are new to using Linux servers, we recommend going through them sequentially.

The learning outcomes for the course are:

  1. Know what the DARC team does and what the yen servers are for
  2. Know how to access the yen servers via the terminal or from the web browser
  3. Know how to run research software like Python, R, Julia, MATLAB, SAS and Stata
  4. Know how to transfer files to and from the yen servers
  5. Know general yens use policies, how to request help and search DARC documentation

If at any point you would like to provide feedback on the course, please fill out the course feedback form so we can keep improving it for you and all future users.

To do the hands-on portion of the course, please follow the Setup Guide to install the necessary software.