Slurm Job Matlab Example

Matlab Example Slurm Script

The simplest Matlab script looks like:

disp('Hello world')

Save this line to a new file called hello_world.m.

Available Matlab versions on Yen10

Several version of Matlab are installed on the yens and the default version is designated with (D):

module avail matlab

Load the version you want:

module load matlab

If you do not specify the version, matlab/R2019b will be loaded by default.

This one-liner script can be run with matlab -nodesktop < hello_world.m. However, we will run it via the Slurm scheduler on the Yen10 server. Here is an example Slurm script that loads matlab module and runs hello world script.


# Hello world Matlab script with Slurm

#SBATCH -J hello
#SBATCH -p normal
#SBATCH -c 1                              # one core per task
#SBATCH -t 1:00:00
##SBATCH --mem=1gb
#SBATCH -o hello-%j.out
#SBATCH --mail-type=ALL

# Load software (Matlab default is R2019b)
module load matlab

# Run hello world script
srun matlab -nodesktop < hello_world.m

Note: to use the scheduler, you prepend matlab -nodesktop < hello_world.m with srun command. Save this Slurm script to hello.slurm. Then run it by submitting the job to the Slurm scheduler with:

sbatch hello.slurm

Run squeue to monitor the queue of jobs.