Collaborators on the Yens

SUNet IDs for External Collaborators

You can request a SUNet ID for a collaborator external to the GSB. In particular, this is a prerequisite for non-GSB collaborators to access the Yen servers. SUNet ID sponsorship is managed by University IT and you can request an ID here.

Yen Access for External Collaborators

Any member of the GSB research community can use the Yens by default - this includes research fellows, postdocs, PhD students, and faculty members.

Faculty members may sponsor Yen access for other external collaborators with an active SUNet ID by adding those collaborators to the workgroup (gsb-rc:[yoursunet]-yenaccess) as described here. This should allow immediate access to the Yens for your collaborator. If you don’t already have a workgroup, you can request one using this form.

In accordance with the minimum security and auditing guidelines set by Stanford ISO, we will send you emails on a quarterly basis asking you to review the list of sponsored researchers in your workgroup. Once a year, we will send you a form to confirm that you have reviewed your sponsored collaborators. If you do not indicate that you have audited your workgroup membership, we will assume it has not been reviewed, and purge its members. Don’t worry! You are able to add and remove external collaborators at any time.

Shared Project Space

Shared project space is provisioned for each new project on the Yens. A project has a faculty owner, as well as collaborators who can access the shared space.

Don’t have a project yet?

If you don’t already have a project set up on the Yens, you can request one here. The DARC team will process this request, and you can ask us to give your collaborators access in the form.

Already have a project?

If you already have a project directory, there is a similarly named workgroup associated with access to that directory. You can view workgroups and add members on this website.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to DARC