Workgroup Management

What is a Workgroup?

The Stanford Workgroup Manager is a web interface that gives Stanford community members a place to define a group of other community members based on their SUNet IDs for use in various applications. A workgroup is given a name that uniquely identifies it and succintly describes its purpose. Relevant to the Yens, the Workgroup Manager helps control access to individual project space on ZFS (ex: gsb-rc:profX-AdsProject) and access to the Yens for collaborators external to the GSB (ex: gsb-rc:profX-yenaccess).

Adding/Removing Members to your Workgroup

If you are an administrator of a workgroup, you can use the Workgroup Manager interface to easily add members to and remove members from that workgroup. Adding members to a workgroup immediately grants them permissions to whatever resource that workgroup controls access to. Likewise, removing members revokes those permissions. You might want to do this if you no longer want someone to have access to your project space or as part of regular auditing of who you have sponsored access to the Yens for.

For instructions on how to perform these operations, use this helpful page created by Stanford UIT that illustrates these processes with screenshots.